About us
Bansal Furniture offers the best solution for classrooms for corporate, residential and commercial premises. We are a fast growing company committed to quality, service and value. Our wide selection of designs is designed to provide effective and creative seating solutions for everyone and the world. Chairs are available in bright colors and excellent prices.

We have earned a good reputation among our customers because of our quality standards and business ethics. We always strive to meet the requirements of changing fashion with our products of traditional designs and appearance.

Our strengths are our infrastructure and our team of dedicated professionals. Our professionals are young in spirit and have a mature experience. They are dynamic, creative, committed and loyal to customers.

In our production department, we use the most modern technologies. We control our products at all stages of production to produce world-class end products that are acceptable to people from all geographical locations around the world. Our office furniture supplied to our international customers has revolutionized the industry with exquisite designs and unique patterns and finishes.

Our full range of office furniture is always compact and easy to install. Furniture offers a complete corporate look at the environment and makes you feel relaxed, increasing efficiency. Our office furniture is easy to handle and has perfect finishing and polishing.

We consume most of the supply chain, working as a producer and trader. Thanks to this process, we optimize the value of our product so that the customer can enjoy the benefits and enjoy the product at a low price. We distribute our products to well-known transnational corporations, demonstrating our percentage of growth in this sector and our relationship with profitable enterprises.

Bansal Steel Industries was our first store that started in 1998 in Vidyadharnagar Jaipur, and since then we have been able to open our other store as Bansal Decor in 2007 in Jhotwara and Bansal Furniture in 2012 in Vidhyadhara Nagara, Jaipur.

We believe that the piece of furniture is just a piece of wood, until it is emotionally associated with you. 

Our goal is to serve people, high quality at the best price.

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Bansal Furniture
(Provide complete variety of furniture)

Bansal Decor
(A House of Imported & Indian Furniture)
Address : - Narayani Plaza, Lata Circle, Jhotwara, JAIPUR.
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